Proceedings of the 7th Annual Conference on Creativity and Fabrication in Education– Full Citation in the ACM Digital Library

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Saturday, October 21st

8:00 AM Coffee & Registration

9:00 AM Morning Welcome

9:15 AM KEYNOTE: Prof. Michael Eisenberg, University of Colorado-Boulder

10:15 AM Sustainable Change Panel Chair: Paulo Blikstein (Stanford University), Jeremy Roschelle (Digital Promise), Yasmin Kafai (University of Pennsylvania),  Roy Pea (Stanford University), Jeanne Bamberger (professor emerita, MIT)

Panel Introduction by Roy Pea

11:15 AM Break

11:45 AM Structured Poster Sessions for Short Paper Research (parallel tracks)

Theme: Engaging with Diverse Communities in Making Discussant: Nathan Holbert, CERAS 300

Theme: Frameworks and Assessments to Understand Maker Learning Environments, DIscussant: Debora Lui, CERAS 204

12:45 PM LUNCH

1:45 PM The Maker Movement and The Maker Industry Panel  Chair: Benjamin Shapiro (CU-Boulder), Tom Ball (Microsoft Research), Derek Runberg (Sparkfun), Søren Thomsen (LEGO)

2:45 PM Young Maker Panel

3:45 PM Presentation of Lifetime Achievement in Constructionism Award

3:55 PM Break

4:15-6:00 PM Saturday Afternoon Workshops (Advance Registration Required) & Educator Roundtables

Sunday, October 22nd

8:30 AM Coffee & Registration

9:00 AM Morning Welcome (Sylvia Martinez on FabLearn Fellows)

9:15 AM Educator Ignite Talks

10:15 AM Community Development & Making Panel Chair: Arnan Sipitakiat (Chiang Mai University), Joseph Polman (CU-Boulder), Kristin Searle (Utah State University), Filiberto Barajas-Lopez (University of Washington)

11:15 AM Young Maker & Demo Madness, Chair: Chris Proctor

11:45 AM Young Maker & Demo Session (continues through lunch) CERAS Room 300 and 204

12:15 PM LUNCH

1:15 PM Educator Roundtables

2:15 PM Break

2:45 PM Full Paper Research Presentations

Theme: Integration and Assessment of Making, Chair: Engin Bumbacher,  CERAS Room 101

Theme: Access and Equity in Making Practices and Resources, Chair: Richard Davis, CERAS Room 300

3:45 PM KEYNOTE: Prof. Kylie Peppler, Indiana University

4:45 PM Conference Wrap-up

5:00 PM Conference Ends


Workshops Full Papers Short Papers Demos Posters Educator Ignite Round Tables