Round Tables

Saturday, October 21st 4:15pm

Career Tech Education, CERAS Room 101

  • How Might We Facilitate and Sustain Meaningful Articulation Between the CTE and MakerEd Communities?
    • Kevin Jarrett, Firewalker Consulting, USA
    • Jackie Gerstein, Union County Magnet HS, USA
    • Krissy Venosdale, The Kinkaid School, USA
    • Josh Weisgrau, Digital Promise, USA
  • Creating a Sustainable Ecosystem for Making – via STEAM education
    • Anne Bown-Crawford, Arcata High School, USA
    • Jason Sidell, Arcata High School, USA

Case Study – Portfolio School, CERAS room 300

  • An Ecosystem: Computational Thinking, Project-Based Learning & Logo
    • Nancy Otero Ornelas, Portfolio School, USA
  • Integrating Project-Based and Maker-Centered Learning
    • Nancy Otero Ornelas, Portfolio School, USA
    • Shira Leibowitz, Portfolio School, USA

Students as Changemakers, CERAS Room 101

  • GMin Reflections on Hands-on Learning for Kenyan Youth
    • Michelle Ngure, Global Minimum (GMin), Kenya
    • Richard Bikko, Global Minimum (GMin), Kenya
  • Transmedia Project Carioca Traffic: A Collaborative Production in a Public School
    • Yan Navarro Paixao, Colégio Pedro II, Brazil
    • Raniery Costa Mendes, Colégio Pedro II, Brazil
    • Gabriel C. Schuindt Ribeiro, Colégio Pedro II, Brazil
    • Larissa Duarte Merheb Brandão, Colégio Pedro II, Brazil

Sunday, October 22nd 1:15pm

Professional Development, CERAS Room 101

  • SELF Design Studio: A Model for Preservice and Inservice Teacher Collaboration
    • Matthew Fisher, University of North Carolina – Greensboro, USA
    • Michael Renne, University of North Carolina – Greensboro, USA

Partnerships, CERAS Room 300

  • Schools and Fab Labs: Collaborative Work of Authorship
    • Eliton Moura, University of São Paulo, Brazil
    • Lucy Pacheco, Municipal Education of São Paulo, Brazil
    • Camila Viana, Free Fab Lab of São Paulo, Brazil
    • Leonardo Rosa, Free Fab Lab of São Paulo, Brazil
    • Belmira Bueno, University of São Paulo, Brazil
    • Paola Ricci, Instituto Catalisador, Brazil
    • Simone Lederman, Instituto Catalisador, Brazil
    • Rita Camargo, Instituto Catalisador, Brazil

Case Study – Kepler Tech Lab, CERAS Room 204

  • Developing an Affordable Skills-Based Engineering Lab Course in Developing Communities
    • Alphonse Habyarimana, Kepler Tech Lab, Rwanda
    • Qinqin Yu, University of California, Berkeley, USA
    • Jakob Dahl, University of California, Berkeley, USA

Math + Making, CERAS, Room 108 (updated room number)

  • Scratch and Arduino in Math Classes: The Path From Arithmetic to Algebric Thinking
    • Rui Correa, Casa de Makers, Brazil
  • Design Math: A Design and Project-based Effort to Learn Geometry in Middle School through Fabric-Based Yurts
    • Tarrey Banks, The Project School, USA
    • Scott Wallace, The Project School, USA
    • John Searcy, The Project School, USA
    • Mishael Sedas, Indiana University, USA
    • Kylie Peppler, Indiana University, USA

Assessment & Reflection, CERAS Room 308

  • A New System for Documenting and Sharing in the Makerspace
    • Hiroo Kato, Mathemativity Learning Sciences, USA
    • Sam Patterson, Echo Horizon School, USA
    • Debra Sterling Chittur, Pepperdine University GSEP, USA
  • Assessing Learning in a Maker Space Environment
    • Kim Mesa, Alum Rock Educational Foundation, USA
    • Corinne Takara, Okada Design, USA